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2024-2025 Community Action Plan
Public Hearing

Members of the public can also attend the Public Hearing on the Fresno EOC Community Action Plan. The public hearing will be held on:

Wednesday, June 14 at 5:30 pm at Fresno EOC Local Conservation Corps (LCC) at the Neighborhood Youth Center
1805 E. California Ave, Fresno, CA 93706

In order to join this meeting, please register for a Zoom account. With an account, you‘ll receive an email invitation and instructions for joining the call.

With your Zoom account, you can register via Zoom here.

Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission has drafted our bi-annual Community Action Plan (CAP). The CAP includes information about our community’s population, service needs, and community plans regarding Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) grants. This plan is required to be completed every other year by the state as part of the CSBG grants.

Fresno EOC is making the 2024-2025 CAP available for review by the public from May 15, 2023, until June 15, 2023. In posting this draft Plan, we will also be opening a 30-day public comment period which will open on Monday, May 15, 2023, and close on Thursday, June 15, 2023

Public Comments for CAP 2024-2025

Express your thoughts and concerns over our Community Action Plan and help shape our future. Submitting a public comment will help inform our leadership team and board. Relevant comments will be included in the public version of the Community Action plan.

To make a public comment the form will ask for the following:

    • Name

    • If you are a low income household based on the yellow highlighted column on this chart

    • Your feedback on the Community Action Plan

    • If your needs were addressed in the Community Action Plan

CAP - Public Comments

Are you low income?(Required)
Do you live in Fresno County?
Were your needs addressed in the Community Action Plan?(Required)
Strategic Planning: Objective


A Strategic Plan identifies where the organization wants to be at some point in the future and how it is going to get there.

Fresno EOC’s strategic planning objective is to create a 5-year plan for the agency to guide the work we do and make sure it is aligned with the needs and priorities of our community. The planning process includes three parts.

  • Conducting a Community Needs Assessment: surveys and community meetings to hear what the community has to say and then analyzing it to see where we need to adjust the work we are doing
  • Developing a Community Action Plan: a plan to help meet the needs and priorities of the community based on the feedback we receive in the surveys and community meetings
  • Crafting a Strategic Plan for Fresno EOC: a plan that we will follow for the next 5 years, based on the community’s needs.


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