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How Successful is Advance Peace

Advance Peace is a proven system with a highly effective model that reduces gun homicides in Fresno. Read the full study here.

What We Do

Advance Peace Fresno is a community based public health and safety strategy that aims to transform lives and build healthier, safer, and more just communities by putting an end to cyclical and retaliatory gun violence in urban neighborhoods.

Our Goal

To reduce gun violence in Fresno and transform lives.

We serve the population affected by gun violence (active actors and likely victims, often one and the same) by providing transformational opportunities and placing them in a high touch, personalized fellowship in order to help develop and heal the lives of those affected the most. Our main intention is to help reduce firearm violence in the city of Fresno by 10%. If the program reduces the number of shootings by just 11 incidences it will save the city $9,509,742. Advance Peace Fresno will help place 70% of its cohort members in job training or educational assistance. 50% of those who complete Fresno EOC VAC’s curriculum will look to gain full-time employment within 90 days of graduating.

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how we change lives

Advance Peace Fresno creates a personalized program of ways to reach out to individuals in order to help change their lives.

Over an 18-month fellowship, we provide seven intensive daily touchpoints between program staff, volunteers, and participating fellows. Touchpoints are points of interaction between staff and participants.

Our seven touchpoints include: Multiple Daily Touchpoints & Life Coaching with Program Staff; Creating a LifeMAP; LifeMAP Milestone Program Supports; Social Services Navigation Support/Referrals Based on documented needs in one’s LifeMAP; Accessing Program Internship, Career Path Programs, Educational Opportunities, and More; Elders Circle – Intergenerational Mentoring; Training Institute.

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The Advance Peace Fresno program is modeled after the nationally-based Advance Peace curriculum. For more information about the national Advance Peace curriculum, visit:


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