Why Choose us?

Fresno EOC Local Conservation Corps operates a Recycling Program sponsored by CalRecycle. Learn more here.

Types of Recycling

We provide recycling services for schools, offiices, restaurants and the public, including e-waste, tires, used oil eduction and CRV redemption.

Recycling Centers

Find out where to bring in your recycling, here!

Why Choose Us?

What We Do

Since 1993, Fresno EOC Local Conservation Corps (LCC) has been operating a Recycling Program sponsored by CalRecycle.

We provide young adults, 18-25 years old in Fresno and surrounding communities, opportunities and support that will enable them to work towards achieving their full potential in the areas of educational attainment (completion of high school diploma; college/vocational courses), postsecondary college and career planning, work ethic and job skills development, leadership development, life skills development, civic awareness, and community service.

The average number of individuals participating in LCC programs is over 160 young adults per year. Current programs managed under the LCC include: YouthBuild Fresno, YouthBuild AmeriCorps, YouthBuild Postsecondary Initiative–College and Career Center, Paid Vocational Programs, and the YouthBuild AmeriCorps Educational Awards Program.

The LCC paid vocational training portfolio includes opportunities in construction, grounds maintenance, recycling, solar and weatherization. Applications for the paid training positions are accepted year-round.

Types of Recycling

Our program teams up with businesses, schools, office complexes, government agencies, and campgrounds generating large volumes of California Redemption Value (CRV) beverage containers (aluminum cans; plastic and glass bottles). LCC also provides special event recycling at large-scale community events throughout the Central Valley.

Mattress Recycling

The Mattress Recycling Council’s Bye Bye Mattress program recycles more than 1 million mattresses each year in California. As a participating collection site, we accept mattresses and box springs for free at both of our recycling centers. Recycling mattresses diverts valuable material from landfills and turns them into other useful products instead.

Drop off only mattresses and box springs during the times listed below, or call and ask for Recycling Center to arrange for a pick up: (559) 264-1048 (note: There is a small fee of $25 for pick up of mattress or box spring; $40 for both)

For pick ups, due to COVID-19, all mattresses will need to be left outside. We will not enter a home to retrieve mattresses.

We CANNOT Accept the Following:

  • Excessively wet, damaged, partial, or soiled mattresses
  • Mattress with bed bugs
  • Car beds
  • Fold out sofa beds
  • Garbage
  • Furniture and other household items
  • Infant and child products
  • Mattress pads, toppers, pillows, or bedding
  • Waterbeds, air mattresses, or sleeping bags

Drop Off Locations / Times

Fresno EOC Local Conservation Corps
1805 E. California Ave.
Fresno, CA 93706
Monday – Friday, 8:30am – 3:30pm

School Recycling

We provide recycling programs for elementary, middle, and high schools and colleges. The School Recycling Team and its recycling mascot, Karla Kool Kan, provide recycling education to students. All monies generated from CRV collected from each school are returned to the school site in the form of a monthly check. The LCC also provides receipts from each collection to the school site for use in any mandated diversion reports a site may need to submit.

Call us for more information: (559) 264-1048

Electronic Recycling (e-waste)

Fresno EOC Local Conservation Corps (LCC) is a state-certified collector of electronic waste. We will pick up (free of charge) these electronic waste (e-waste) items: televisions, computer monitors, and laptop computers. To ensure customer confidentiality, all e-waste is tracked and destruction is recorded by a state-certified electronic waste recycler. Business recyclers are welcome to use our collection service.

If you need a destruction certificate please let us know at the time of collection.

The E-Waste Recycling Team holds free drop off events and is also available to accept walk-in drop-offs at LCC’s Recycling Base.

Waste Tires Collection

Local Conservation Corps provides waste tire collection service up to nine (9) used waste tires from residents and is available to partner with municipalities on local Waste Tire Amnesty events.

Used Oil Education

Local Conservation Corps provides used oil education and can partner with municipalities on used oil education opportunities, including storm drain education.

Public CRV Recycling

California Redemption Value (CRV) beverage containers (aluminum cans; plastic and glass bottles) can be redeemed at our Recycling Buyback at Friant Trading Post (see location below).

Recycling Centers

LCC Base and Sorting Facility
Electronic Waste Recycling

1805 E. California Avenue
Fresno, CA  93706

Beginning Monday, August 1, 2022, hours will be:

Monday – Friday
8:30 AM – 3:00 PM

Call (559) 264-1048 for an e-waste collection appointment.

LCC CRV Recycling Buyback at Friant Trading Post
(Redeem CRV beverage containers for cash!)

17108 N. Friant Rd.
Friant, CA 93626

Tuesday – Saturday
8:30 am – 2:00 pm
(closed from 11:30 am – 12 pm for lunch)

(559) 822-3599


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