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About Workforce Connection Young Adult Program

Our program is designed to guide young adults, ages 14-24, along the pathway to education, training, personal development, and, ultimately, a rewarding career!

We understand that young adults need a solid foundation of academic and job readiness skills in order to survive and compete in today’s economy. It is for this reason that Workforce Connection Young Adult Program exists and provides the following services:


  • Online Tutoring in reading and math
  • High school diploma/equivalency assistance
  • Education and career assessments
  • College or vocational training preparation assistance
  • Entrepreneurial training
  • Training Scholarship for in-demand occupations


  • Guidance from an Academic Career Advisor
  • Mentoring programs
  • Leadership development
  • Financial literacy workshops


  • Exploring and developing a career goal
  • Job readiness workshops
  • Interview preparation workshops
  • Work experience opportunities
  • Job placement assistance


Minimum qualifications to receive personal guidance and assistance from our professional staff:

  • Must be 14-24 years of age
  • Parent or legal guardian signature is required for those under 18
  • Must be authorized to work in the USA
  • Maybe required to meet Low-income eligibility guidelines
  • Be a Fresno County resident
  • Males 18 and older must meet military selective services compliance requirements

If you don’t meet our Young Adult Services eligibility requirements, our staff will direct you to other resources that may be able to help you meet your academic and employment goals.


1455 E. Shaw Ave
Fresno, CA 93726
(559) 263-1100

Monday – Friday
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Service area:
Fresno EOC Workforce Connection Young Adult Program focuses primarily on serving youth who live south of Shields Ave. in the Fresno metropolitan area. Additionally, the program also serves Urban East, which encompasses Urban Fresno and Clovis to the east of Highway 41.

frequently asked questions

How long does it take to complete the program?

If you follow thru and stay on track (keep all scheduled appointments), the average time enrolled in the program is 1 year.

What do I have to do to enroll in the program?

1st step would be orientation; 2nd step, assignment to an Academic & Career Advisor to direct you through the program; 3rd step, Eligibility to see if you qualify.

If I qualify for the program, is transportation provided?

Once enrolled in the program, your Academic Career Advisor will work with you to determine if supportive services are needed and if you are eligible to receive them.  If determined that you need transportation assistance, bus tokens will be provided for appointments.

Is your program the same as Summer Youth?

Unlike Summer Youth, the Workforce Connection Young Adult Program’s main objective is Academic Enrichment. Our focus is to provide tutoring and workshops designed to help the enrolled students bring up their grade point averages. After completing certain components (tutorial, workshops), customers can be rewarded with a 6-8 week Work Experience assignment.

What ages do you serve under this program?

The program serves youth ages 14 through 18.

Is Workforce Connection Young Adult Program a work program?

No, the Workforce Connection Young Adult Program is an Academic Tutorial and Career Readiness Program.

What are the enrollment requirements?

Aside from the age requirements, youth can be either currently in school or out of school, must have a need to improve overall.

Academic competencies in reading and/or math, and live or attend school within the Fresno or Central Unified School District boundaries.


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