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About Adolescent Family Life Program (AFLP)

What We Do

We help you stay or enroll in school, provide you with prenatal & postpartum education, offer you tools for effective parenting skills, help you reach your short and long term goals, and promote healthy family relationships.

Adolescent Family Life Program (AFLP) addresses the social, health, educational, and economic consequences of adolescent pregnancy by providing comprehensive case management services to pregnant and parenting teens and their children. AFLP emphasizes the promotion of Positive Youth Development (PYD), focusing on and building upon the adolescents’ strengths and resources to work toward:

  • Improving the health of the pregnant and parenting teens, thus supporting the health of their children
  • Improving educational and vocational advancement
  • Reducing repeat pregnancies
  • Improving linkages and creating networks of support for pregnant and parenting teens

Other notable services:

  • Workshops, program events, and scholarships are available to participants.
  • We feature a variety of monthly topics from healthy weight to family safety.
  • Case management services are offered in English, Spanish, and Hmong

AFLP Stories

Navigating Parenthood from a Perspective of Youth

Younger parents may face the same challenges as all parents, and with those challenges, young parents may also struggle with trying to finish school, finding services for their baby, and being judged because of their age. The Fresno EOC Adolescent Family Life Program...
Image is of Lacie Zapata

AFLP youth receive overwhelming support from staff and community members

From Halloween baskets to baby essentials, our community and staff are coming together to make our pregnant and parenting youth in the Adolescent Family Life Program feel special. Even during the pandemic, our youth are able to get the assistance and support they...

Fresno EOC Board Commissioner was once AFLP client and Head Start parent

Celeste Cabrera-Garcia is a Fresno EOC Board Commissioner but also former Adolescent Family Life Program (AFLP) client and Head Start parent. She was first introduced to Fresno EOC as a teen mom at the age of 14 and with support from her case managers was encouraged...

Fresno EOC AFLP launches client baby showers

A baby brings on the joys of being a parent, but for some teen parents it’s not always celebrated. Fresno EOC Adolescent Family Life Program (AFLP) understands the stigma and difficulties some teen parents face when having a child, and so AFLP took the initiative to...

Teen mom overcomes obstacles and graduates high school early

As a high school student, Sarena Chansombat was excited to graduate and attend college away from home, but everything changed when she took a pregnancy test at the Fresno EOC Community Health Center. She never imagined being a teen mom but with support from her...

Meet Maria – a student at Chico State and teen mom

Maria's senior year of high school differed from those of her peers. She discovered she was pregnant and kept it a secret while continuing cheerleading and Zumba. "Because my pregnancy was hidden, I was in a bad place," Maria recalls. Finally, after months of hiding...

Brenda’s Baking Her Way to a Better Future

Tears fill Brenda's eyes as she looks across at her former case manager Iselda. "I feel like she was the only person that really cared about me. She made me feel wonderful. She made me feel special." Brenda smiles before she continues, "Once a month I would see her...

“If I want to see a change, it has to be within me” – Elvira’s Story

Four hours into a late night visit to the Reedley Hospital emergency room, a doctor told Elvira and her family the news. "I already knew I was pregnant but I just didn't tell anybody." The pain that had brought the 14-year-old to the hospital was due to her pregnancy,...

“A Rollercoaster Ride That No One Was Expecting” – Eryka’s Story

Eryka Hale would describe herself as a “normal teenage girl with big dreams.” At eighteen years old, she aspires to one day be a labor and delivery nurse.Hale, however, has one big factor that separates her from other “normal teenage girls.” Her daughter, 15-month-old...

“Fortunately, I talked to somebody, but not everybody does” – Henry’s Story

Henry Arenas and his family moved to Fresno for his Freshman year of high school. The oldest of three children, Henry would describe himself as a simple kid “just worried about school, good grades, and maintaining a good GPA.” At just 16 years old, his life changed...


Services are free for our participants

To qualify for services a teen must:

  • Be pregnant or parenting
  • Be 21 years or younger at the time of enrollment
  • Live in Fresno County

Services offered in English, Spanish, and Hmong.

Still wonder if you qualify? Check our Frequently Asked Questions below.

frequently asked questions

What type of services does AFLP provide?

We provide one to one case management services that center around YOUR goals. We are able to provide you with health education and connect you to community resources, and also provide small group activities in the form of workshops and events. As an AFLP participant you will also hear about our scholarship opportunities.

Do I have to come to you for services?

Our Case Managers come to you! Whether that be at home or at school.

I’m a dad, do I qualify?

Yes! AFLP services are offered to both teen moms and teen dads. 

Who is considered a parenting teen?

Age 18 or under, actively involved with their child’s life or who are working on becoming involved in their child’s life. Parenting teens are eligible even if there is no custody.

What languages are services offered in?

We have Case Managers that speak English, Spanish, and Hmong

How much do services cost?

AFLP services, workshops, and events are free of charge to participants.

Can you help me find child care, a job, file for custody, etc.?

We are able to provide you with resources to community services that will help you meet YOUR goals.

I would like to become a participant, how do I apply?
Contact us today. You can start by filling out our contact form, below.
I’m not sure if the city I live in falls within Fresno County?

Contact us and we can help you.

Contact AFLP

1900 Mariposa Street, Suite 301
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Phone:(559) 263-1090
Fax: (559) 263-1122

Monday – Friday: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM

Service Area: 
Fresno County

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