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Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission

Established in 1965, Fresno EOC is a non-profit Community Action Agency that provides opportunities, strengthens self-sufficiency, and offers support for all people. We listen to the needs of the communities we serve to create effective programs and services. Fresno EOC is at the forefront, continuing the war on poverty with over 35 programs dedicated to getting people the help they need to achieve their goals.

Our Vision for Those We Serve

Empowered individuals who thrive as healthy, self-sufficient and contributing members of our communities.

Our Vision for our Agency

As an entrepreneurial agency, we bridge the gap to self-sufficiency by providing opportunities and resources, as we initiate and partner in shared community efforts to improve the quality of life.

Our Vision for our Community

Healthy communities with equal access to social justice, jobs, education and resources.

Diversity Statement

Fresno EOC is committed to a diverse workforce which is reflective of the communities we serve.

Fresno EOC Strategic Goals


To create inclusive and safe environments within our communities.


Cultivate self-sufficiency through comprehensive career development pathways.


Build a collaborative educational roadmap to attain positive outcomes through intergenerational adult/child relationships and interactions. 

Health and Wellness

Expand health and wellness access and strengthen outreach to urban and rural communities.

Youth Empowerment Services

Jointly organize and work with communities to develop and sustain gang prevention programs. 

Emotional Stability

Support our clients in their quest for emotional stability to navigate life in a manner that leads to a well-adjusted, sustainable life. 

Transforming and Inspiring

At Fresno EOC, “Inspiring People and Transforming Lives” is more than just a catchy phrase. The words challenge us to pursue our goal of overcoming the barriers brought about by social disadvantage and poverty. They call us to meet the challenge of helping those we serve with empathy and remind us that we are not immune to the forces of crisis that impact the lives of individuals and families.

“Inspiring Leaders and Transforming Communities” compels us to consider social issues and barriers, rather than personalities. It eliminates the temptation to judge individuals in their state of immediate need, and instead focus on uncovering potential and worth. As a philosophy of living, “Transforming and Inspiring” penetrates beyond the workplace. These few words define a commitment to the betterment of our families, neighborhoods, and communities. They present opportunities for all of us.

Safe Access Resolution

WHEREAS: Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission’s (Fresno EOC) goal is to eradicate poverty in Fresno County by providing people tools and support on the path towards being self-sufficient contributing members of their community;

WHEREAS: Fresno EOC operates over 15 components providing training and services to more than 120,000 people in education, employment, housing and shelter, crisis assistance, health, nutrition, energy and finance;

WHEREAS: Fresno County is home to 1 million people, 25% of which live in poverty. While over half of the population identifies as Hispanic or Latino, over 70 different languages are spoken in Fresno homes by residents from diverse backgrounds;

WHEREAS: Fresno EOC embraces our multiculturalism, embedding it in our policies and outreach. Our Human Resources Diversity Policy 1025 outlines our commitment to “fostering, cultivating and preserving a culture of diversity and inclusion” throughout our agency and programs;

WHEREAS: Many parents, students, clients and others who access our programs and facilities are fearful and hesitant to leave their homes, unable to access the services they need;

WHEREAS: Fresno EOC’s educational offerings include 2 charter schools serving at risk youth, Early Head Start, Head Start, and School Age Childcare. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) 2011 policy states that immigration enforcement activity will not be conducted at any “sensitive” location, which includes schools and other institutions of learning, without prior approval from specific federal law enforcement officials, unless there is an immediate need related to national security, terrorism, public safety, or where there is imminent risk of the destruction of evidence material to an ongoing criminal case;

WHEREAS: Fresno EOC has the moral obligation to protect the disadvantages; and WHEREAS: Immigration enforcement operations at and around our facilities would severely, negatively impact our ability to provide services to our clients, and would hinder the chances of prosperity for many of our families.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED: That the Fresno EOC Board of Commissioners stands in support of our multicultural and diverse community and understands Fresno EOC was created to provide a voice to disenfranchised and disadvantaged individuals and communities, and to be their voice if they are unable to be heard amongst us;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: We will continue to open to all we serve the opportunities for education, employment and the right to be treated with dignity irrespective of their protected class or immigration status;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: Fresno EOC will not inquire about, collect, or compile immigration status of any clients unless expressly required by law or court order;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: Fresno EOC will not provide immigration status of any clients unless expressly required by law or court order;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: ICE agents will not be allowed access to Fresno EOC controlled or operated properties without complying with the requirements applicable to other state and local law enforcement authorities;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: Fresno EOC will not release a minor to ICE agents without the express consent of the child’s parent or guardian;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: Fresno EOC will proactively seek out partnerships with public agencies, community and faith-based organizations, and legal services groups who are equipped to provide assistance to individuals and families facing deportation;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: Fresno EOC will seek resources and create strategies to address new and continuing challenges for all people in our community;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: This resolution will be posted throughout the agency; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: Staff will be informed and trained on implementation strategies.

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