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Fresno EOC Overview of Emergency Services Due to COVID-19

Data from March 16, 2020 – Dec 31, 2021

Fresno EOC Impact: Meals Prepared and Delivered

meals prepared and delivered

Fresno EOC Impact: Snacks Prepared and Delivered

snacks prepared and delivered

Fresno EOC Impact: Diapers Delivered

diapers delivered

Fresno EOC Impact: Passenger Rides

rides provided for passengers

Fresno EOC Impact: Homeless Outreach

homeless individuals provided outreach services

Fresno EOC Impact: Households Served

households served at rural food distributions

rural food distribution sites

Fresno EOC 2022 Annual Report

what our clients are saying

“I have learned to listen a lot more to my child when she’s crying or throwing a tantrum. The Head Start staff helps you figure out what is going to work for you and your family.”

Amanda Torres

Parent, Head Start

“I am able to take care of my son and to have another chance to do things right. That’s all we ever need and this program has given me a chance to change my life.”

Savannah Pastusak

Graduate, Valley Apprenticeship Connections

“I didn’t consider myself one of those people who really needed the moral support but there are some things you go through in life that you do really need somebody to talk to. [AFLP] helped me through a chapter that was really rough.

Henry Arenas

Client, Adolescent Family Life Program

“WIC has helped my family put food on the table. I think WIC has honestly helped me throughout the shelter-in-place orders because having WIC gives me that reinforcement, knowing that I have resources there to help me.”

Kyah Shepard

Participant, WIC

the opportunities we provide are

Funded by generous donors

The need in our community has never been greater. In these times when we have to do more with less, we need your help. The support of our individual and corporate donors is more critical than ever before. Your donation can make a difference! Fresno EOC is a private non-profit 501(c)3 organization. All donations are tax deductible.

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