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Our Stories

Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission School of Unlimited Learning celebrated 25 years of changing student’s lives. On April 5, 2024, students, staff, and leaders gathered to honor this milestone for the Downtown Fresno School. SOUL was established in 1998 by Fresno Unified, making it the longest-running charter school in Fresno County. The school was also recognized with a proclamation from the City of Fresno designating April 5th as SOUL Learning Day. One student, even recited a
School of Unlimited Learning
In rural areas like Mendota, accessing transportation to urban centers like Fresno can pose significant challenges for residents seeking employment and community resources. Recognizing this need, Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission ( Fresno EOC) took proactive steps to bring essential resources directly to Mendota through a Resource and Job Fair. Hosted at the AMOR Wellness Center in Mendota, the event provided an invaluable opportunity for local residents to explore job openings, engage with job recruiters, and
Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission (Fresno EOC) has successfully concluded its 2024 Community Needs Assessment, receiving over 3,500 surveys this year. The invaluable feedback received during this assessment period will play a crucial role in shaping the agency’s initiatives to better serve the community. The primary objective of the 2024 Needs Assessment was to identify the existing strengths, needs, and innovative ideas for future services within the community. Building upon the insights gathered from previous assessments,
In a heartwarming display of unity and service, the local community gathered to celebrate Black History Month and support a vital cause at the School of Unlimited Learning (SOUL) Blood Drive. The event, held in honor of Dr. Charles H. Drew, the visionary African American behind the concept of the Blood Bank, brought together individuals from all walks of life to make a difference. Teaming up with the Fresno Chapter of the United Negro College
School of Unlimited Learning
In his own words, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “the solution to poverty is to abolish it directly by a now widely discussed measure: the guaranteed income.” Dr. King’s call to action resonates with the Fresno Economic Opportunity Commission (Fresno EOC) as the Advancing Fresno County Guaranteed Income program prepares to launch in March. “Guaranteed Income” refers to a recurring cash payment provided to individuals in vulnerable communities with no spending restrictions or work
Diana Yepez, Lead WIC Nutrition Assistant, marks an incredible milestone this month, celebrating an astounding 40 years of service with Fresno EOC. Diana’s journey with the Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) program began in February 1984, when she joined as a WIC Clerk. Through her passion and hard work, she quickly advanced, being promoted to Nutrition Aide in 1987. However, it was in April 1996 that Diana found her true calling, landing her current position
For another year, Central Valley Against Human Trafficking (CVAHT) has joined forces with several other local organizations for their 8th annual Pledge to Stop Human Trafficking. This collaborative event allows the community to donate to the cause allowing the agencies to continue serve identified survivors. This year $5,295.51 was raised, and these funds will help with many things including shelter, food, medical expense, personal hygiene and more. Human trafficking is a significant issue in the
Agency, Central Valley Against Human Trafficking (CVAHT)
Residents of Kerman, California, who are also students at Fresno City College, now have a convenient transportation option to commute to campus, thanks to a collaborative effort between Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission (Fresno EOC), Fresno City College, the Mayor of Kerman, and Local Transportation Funds to help subsidize the cost of transportation. The recently launched shuttle service under Fresno EOC Transit Systems. is a welcome solution for students residing in Kerman, providing them with a
Agency, Transit Systems
In a heartwarming tradition, this December Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission (Fresno EOC) Sanctuary and Support Services hosted their 30th annual “Making Spirits Bright” event, bringing holiday joy to over two dozen families in Fresno. A festive caravan, loaded with trees, gifts, personalized stockings, gift cards, and goodies, made a special delivery to 25 deserving families in the community. Since it began, “Making Spirits Bright” has touched the lives of over 3,000 children. Fresno EOC embraced
The Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission’s Foster Grandparent Program made a heartwarming impact this holiday season. Thanks to a generous donation of over 150 blankets from Project Linus, Foster Grandparents brought joy to children and families in the Head Start 0 to 5 and Women, Infant, and Children programs. Established in 1995, Project Linus is a national organization dedicated to providing homemade blankets to children ages 0-18 facing serious illness or trauma. Elena Walthour, representing the
Foster Grandparent Program, Head Start 0 to 5

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