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What we do

We educate the community about the dangers and increased risk of tobacco-related diseases and smoke-free policies. We provide presentations and resources to live a tobacco-free lifestyle in Fresno County. Our Rural Tobacco Education Program provides support to rural Fresno County residents.

Fresno EOC Rural Tobacco Education Program

In rural Fresno County, we work to protect children and families from the exposure of secondhand smoke in their multi-unit housing and public areas in their community.

We educate multi-unit housing residents, managers, local organizations, youth groups, on drifting secondhand smoke, thirdhand smoke exposure and what they can do to live in a smoke free environment.

We provide information to event organizers, Farmer’s Markets organizers and merchants on secondhand smoke and education on smoke free policy options for public events and farmers markets.

Staff facilitates smoke-free education presentations and smoke free entryways policy options to private and public business owners and outdoor worksites.

Through our educational presentations in conjunction with some county and state agencies, we have:

  • increased knowledge and recognition of the health hazards of secondhand smoke in multi-unit housing
  • smoking is no longer allowed in public events in the City of Selma.

Smoke-Free Multi-Unit and Public Housing Complexes

We have extensive experience in reducing exposure to secondhand smoke in multi-unit and public housing complexes. We work in educating residents in smoke-free policy options that prohibit smoking in 100% of multi-unit housing including balconies and patios, as well as the posting of signage discouraging cigarette butt littering throughout multi-unit complexes.

We provide:

  • educational presentation and information to residents on the dangers of secondhand smoke
  • resources to assist property management in creating a smoke-free environment for their complexes
  • educational presentations within the relaxed atmosphere of a complex to increase community awareness of health risks related to exposure to secondhand smoke
  • apartment managers with information highlighting the risk to their renters and the benefits of establishing smoke-free policies for their properties.

Smoke-free policies have a significant public health impact within Fresno County by increasing smoke-free housing and reducing individual exposure to secondhand smoke.

We continue to work on protecting our community from the dangers of drifting secondhand smoke by:

  • assisting multi-unit housing complexes in implement smoke-free policies
  • work with event organizers to implement smoke-free public event policy options
  • help private and public business owners and outdoor worksites on educating the community on the importance of smoke free public events and entryways
  • provide resources and information for those wanting to quit smoking

Contact Rural Tobacco Education Office

(if you live in rural areas of Fresno County)

(559) 263-1265


The Rural Tobacco Education Program recruit’s community residents and youth volunteers in rural Fresno County to assist staff in educating their community on smoke free multi-unit housing, public events, and entryway.

At multi-unit housing to provide secondhand smoke information and educate to residents and managers.

Community volunteers will assist in conducting public opinion surveys on the smoke free multi-unit housing, public events, and entryways.

To become a volunteer, please call (559) 263-1265.


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