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Fresno EOC’s Strategic Plan for 2023-2026 prepares the agency to fight poverty for the near future. It addresses the geography and demographics of those experiencing poverty as well as the root causes of poverty: structural racism.

This plan covers the agency’s strategic framework, focus areas, strategic goals, and expected outcomes from our efforts. It builds on the history of Fresno EOC as a Community Action Agency which was founded from the Economic Opportunities Act of 1964. The Act had one central objective: “to eliminate the paradox of poverty on the midst of plenty in this nation by opening…. To everyone… the opportunity for education and training, the opportunity to work, and the opportunity to live in decency and dignity.”

As a Community Action Agency, the programs and services we provide are a direct result of listening to our community. Our strategic planning process is a three-tier process which includes a Community Needs Assessment, Community Action Plan, and the Strategic Plan. The beginning of this process is the Community Needs Assessment (CNA). As a recipient of the Community Services Block Grant (CSBG), through the CSBG Act, we complete the CNA every two years to ensure our services are in alignment with the low-income community’s priorities. From the CNA, the Community Action Plan (CAP) is created. The CAP directs our programming: identifies specific, measurable goals, specifies what the CNA results are and how we can adjust our programming to meet the community’s needs. The Community Action Plan progress is reviewed annually by the Board of Commissioners to ensure the organization is on track to meet its strategic goals.

Finally, the Strategic Plan encompasses goals and objectives for the agency’s internal structure developed from the CNA and CAP to direct how the agency supports its programs and implements the strategic goals agency-wide and threads the goals into its everyday work.

Poverty in Fresno County

Poverty in Fresno County

Fresno County is the top agriculture-producing county in the United States, with almost $8 billion in total value for crops and livestock. Yet so many people still experience poverty.

Root Cause of Poverty

Race and poverty are strongly linked in America—this is overwhelmingly true for Fresno County. Read how poverty is linked to structures and the disparities based on race. 

Focus Areas for Poverty Intervention

Read which focus areas are used as a strategy for poverty interventions. Existing programs are available to help facilitate interventions. 

Six Areas of Strategic Focus

image contains strategic areas of focus. Food insecurity, housing stability, health and wellness, community safety, employment opportunities, and educational achievement. in the center of the graphic has the elements which will be used in these areas: holistic support, equity-based practices, advocacy, and community-directed programs and services.

How We Will Accomplish This Work

Drive high quality programs that prove effective in removing barriers and addressing root causes of poverty.

Defining how we create effective programs and services.

  • Hire and train: equip staff to live out Fresno EOC’s values and advance our mission.
  • Identify measures to evaluate the impact/outcomes of our programs, not simply output.
  • Invest in financial systems/supports that continuously improve operations, functions, programs, and services.
  • Ensure stabilization of current programs and administrative structure (staffing, alignment, evaluation plan, salaries, benefits, etc.)

Defining how do we measure the effectiveness of our programs and services.

  • Results Based Accountability/ROMA
  • Quality assurance and evaluation of all programs
  • Analysis of participant diversity and program usage
  • Analysis of resources spent in most impacted communities

Activities For Staff

  • Create and implement a learning and performance management system that assesses training and learning needs.
  • Provide education on core competencies of organizational leadership.
  • Invest through a consistent, equitable, and competitive compensation system.
  • Provide support and tools to manage workload and improve morale and organizational culture.
  • Provide training in critical areas of finance and technology.

Activities For Agency & Programs

  • Create and implement a program evaluation system.
  • Build internal mechanisms to ensure efficient service delivery.
  • Significantly increase unrestricted funding.
  • Create a funding evaluation tool to determine the cost-benefit of available funding opportunities.
  • Create integrated delivery and referral system across programs.
  • Prioritize full staffing of all program and administrative support services.
  • Supplement financial gaps with flexible funding.
  • Provide infrastructure stabilization for current programs so that they are equipped to expand into new programming areas as needed.

Expected outcomes – How will we know the results of our efforts?

  • The staff embodies Fresno EOC’s values in their work.
  • The organization commits to accountability and equity in outcomes.
  • Financial structure supports the continuous improvement of operations, programs, and services.
  • Administrative systems support programs and increase efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Programs and infrastructure are stabilized and equipped to expand into new programming areas.

Build a community responsive agency guided by community priorities.

Defining how are we directed and accountable to our community.

  • Create community spaces to engage the people we serve consistently.
  • Participate in collaborative initiatives with community partners.

Defining how we will increase our ability to hear and respond to community voices.

  • Increase direct outreach.
  • Improve technology.
  • Share program communication and information.


  • Create consistent communication channels for community members to share their experiences and ideas.
  • Implement an organizational data collection and analysis system.
  • Identify multiple platforms (newsletters, social media, etc.) to share learnings from programs and community engagement creatively.
  • Invest in technology that allows staff to reach community members where they are.
  • Increase programs’ bandwidth to meet the hardware and services needed to continue the business.
  • Invest in software systems to allow program collaboration for multiple locations.
  • Invest in environmental efforts to create a positive impact.

Expected Outcomes – How will we know the results of our efforts?

  • Improvements in community relationships and visibility.
  • Organizational changes made as a direct result of community input and feedback.
  • Incorporation of evidence-based practice to evaluate programs and services, identifying what works and doesn’t, and how we can increase our impact.
  • Investment in technology to create a more hybrid and mobile workforce that can meet people where they are.
  • Lessen our environmental footprint and move into energy efficient operations.

Use our platform as the largest nonprofit in the Central Valley to challenge systems that keep people in poverty.

Defining our policy platform and how this informs our advocacy.

  • “Poverty is not a partisan issue.”

Defining how we increase our visibility and influence to advocate for anti-poverty policies and legislation.

  • Presence at city council meetings, and community events (state of the city, etc.).
  • Increase awareness of the scope and breadth of EOC programs and services.
  • Create/sponsored events (Equity Conference, Fresno EOC Gala).
  • Utilize communication tools (newsletters, podcasts, other platforms).
  • Increase funding (private and unrestricted).
  • Provide supportive services for community partner agencies.

Expected outcomes – How will we know the results of our efforts?

  • Increased advocacy for big ideas and systemic change from people experiencing poverty.
  • Growth and development of key partnerships with community-based organizations serving our community.
  • Branding recognition improved in the community with public leaders and institutions, and community-based organizations.

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