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LIHWAP provides financial help to eligible
Fresno County residents for their residential water utility bills.


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Low Income Household Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP)

We provide financial help to eligible Fresno County residents for their residential water utility bills. The program gives a one-time benefit for an eligible, low-income customer’s water or wastewater bill.

Below is the current list of participating water systems in Fresno County enrolled as of July 20. We will receive weekly updates from the state and update our website accordingly. At this time, Fresno EOC LIHWAP is only accepting applications from the residents in the cities that have been approved by the state. If your water system is not currently enrolled, please wait to sign up and contact your water system provider directly to enroll into the CSD LIHWAP direct payment program.


  1. City of Huron
  2. Pinedale County Water District
  3. County of Fresno Department of Public Works and Planning
  4. Bakman Water Company
  5. City of Fresno
  6. City of San Joaquin
  7. City of Firebaugh
  8. City of Mendota
  9. Laton Community Services District
  10. City of Kingsburg
  11. City of Coalinga
  12. City of Dos Palos
  13. City of Kerman
  14. City of Clovis
  15. City of Parlier
  16. City of Sanger
  17. Del Rey Community Services
  18. Amador Water Agency
  19. Del Oro Water Company
  20. California Water Service
  21. Malaga County Water District


Low Income Household Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP) provides financial help to eligible households for their residential water utility bills.

To be eligible for LIHWAP applicants must:

  • be a Fresno County resident
  • live in a low-income household
  • have a valid social security card
  • have a valid ID such as a driver’s license, California ID, and/or valid US identification
  • provide all pages of the current residential water bill, the current bill must have a past due balance
  • CalFresh – food stamps documentation if applicable

 See LIHWAP Incom​e Eligibility Chart below:

Per​​sons In H​o​us​​ehol​​​​d​​

M​onthly​ In​co​me





















Mail the LIHWAP application to P.O. BOX 11906, Fresno, CA  93775

Application Available

Download and complete the application

Please mail your application and supporting documentation to our address and below.

Please note that the application must be printed.

Residents, please be advised we are accepting applications only at this time.
We are reviewing applications now for eligibility only.

If you are unable to print the application, please call (559) 263-1320 or use the form below to request an application by mail.


LIHEAP - Application by mail request

Fresno Office Location and hours

LIHWAP Contact (mail your application here)

P.O. BOX 11906
Fresno, CA  93775

(559) 263-1320

Phone Hours:
Monday – Friday
8:30 am to 12:00 pm, 1-5
Closed on holidays

If you need help with your application and need to meet with staff, call (559) 263-1320 for an appointment.


Dates and times are subject to change. Please call LIHWAP at (559) 263-1320 to make an appointment for any location. Coming Soon!

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