Partnership for a Healthier America is teaming up with Central California Food Bank (CCFB) to share Pass the Love meal kits with local families. Meal kits will provide timely and nutritious food to families and spread the joy of cooking.

Central California Food Bank (CCFB) will distribute meal kits that include high-quality ingredients and recipes inspired by the new kids show Waffles + Mochi. During this 4-week program starting the week of January 17, 2022, families will create 3 family meals per week and find joy in cooking at home.

* Partnership for a Healthier America is excited to bring Pass the Love meal kits to the Fresno area starting in January. We encourage interested participants to register in advance of the scheduled distribution day, however, registration does not guarantee a meal kit once onsite. Meal kits will be distributed while supplies last. Additionally, you’ll receive text messages before, during, and after Pass the Love inviting you to participate in surveys about your cooking, eating, and shopping habits. You will be compensated via credit card that will be mailed to your preferred address.


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