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Together we give

#GivingTuesday is more than just a hashtag; it’s a movement. It’s an opportunity to unleash the power of radical generosity in our community. We invite you to support one or more of our programs that work year-round, providing services that help people and change lives.

Fresno EOC asks you to donate to our non-profit agency and support programs making an impact on thousands of lives in the Central Valley. Together we can fight poverty and support those who need the most help.

Here is a look at just a few of the more than 35 programs of Fresno EOC:

Foster Grandparent Program

Senior volunteers provide personalized tutoring and mentoring support to contribute toward the academic success of underserved children and teens. Donations will help to reward our 55 volunteers for the 3000+ hours per month they spend supporting children.

Sanctuary Homeless Services

Sanctuary Homeless Services is dedicated to serving homeless individuals and families in need of housing. Donations can provide clothing, hygiene kits, and basic necessities for those in need.

Central Valley Against Human Trafficking (CVAHT)

Central Valley Against Human Trafficking and partners support survivors by linking them to self-identified essentials. We work to educate the community and help support those who want to join the anti-trafficking movement. Your support allows us to fill the gap in service needs for survivors and helps with the continued fight to end human trafficking.

LGBTQ+ Resource Center

LGBTQ+ Resource Center proudly provides supportive services to enhance the health and well-being of individuals of all ages in the LGBTQ+ community. Donations for the center can be used for personal hygiene supplies for the homeless or unemployed, as well as providing gender-affirming services for the trans, and non-binary communities.

“I’ve always loved kids. I enjoy spending time with them. They are so honest and genuine. I am loving every minute of it. And some still keep in touch with me.”

Ruth Beasley

Fresno EOC Foster Grandparent Program Volunteer

“Coming from a poverty background and then struggling to get housing, it’s been difficult to purchase things like binders and prosthetics. So, coming to the Center, knowing there is a fund being used for that purpose and that people are advocating for me, it’s much appreciated.”

Noè Rasheed

LGBTQ+ Resource Center Client and Volunteer

“It’s been kinda hard because I would go to work after the VAC training. So, I’ve been having four- hour nights of sleep and long days. Up at five, asleep at one. They’ve hung in there with me and it’s been a rough ride. But it’s another reason why I appreciate the program because my kids got to see me work really hard for something that I wanted. And it was hopefully a learning experience, showing them that you can achieve something if you work for it.”

Kylee Henson

Valley Apprenticeship Connections Graduate

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to Fresno EOC.

Helping people, changing lives.

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