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Younger parents may face the same challenges as all parents, and with those challenges, young parents may also struggle with trying to finish school, finding services for their baby, and being judged because of their age. The Fresno EOC Adolescent Family Life Program (AFLP) offered by Fresno EOC Health Services is working to help youth, 21 years old or younger who live in Fresno County, to overcome those and other obstacles.

    • AFLP is a free program that helps young parents stay in school, provides prenatal and postpartum education, offers tools for practical parenting skills, helps parents reach their goals, and promotes healthy family relationships through comprehensive case management services, which include thoughtful planning and support.

20-year-old Naomi Zapien is the new Youth Advisor for AFLP. She says her job is to advocate for client needs and provide perspective to the staff. “For example, they asked me to look at the AFLP web page and see if there is anything missing that youth would want to see.”

AFLP Program Manager, David Beale says, “Naomi is involved with helping to look at our program from the perspective of the youth we serve. So, we want to use her insight to help guide us on what we’re going to do and the language we will use. Plus, she will help us with outreach and other tasks.”

Naomi will also accompany case managers when they go to client homes throughout Fresno County to help them with services. “We offer supplies for families, if possible. These items are not promised, but I like to try adding them just because that’s what they’re looking for. We try to offer things like diapers and baby wipes, when they are available. If they need a car seat, we can look for it if we have the funds. It feels good to help them carry some of that weight because parenting can be difficult.”

Naomi is also working on a Thanksgiving project for the families enrolled in AFLP. They plan to provide food for about ten families one week before Thanksgiving. If you would like information on how to donate or to learn more about AFLP, call (559) 263-1090.

About Fresno EOC Health Services

Fresno EOC Health Services offers a wide variety of programs.  They include:

  • Community Health Center Clinic – a primary care and comprehensive family planning clinic on R Street in downtown Fresno
  • Oral Health Education Program – provides individuals with the opportunity to learn health information, develop skills needed to make better health decisions, and lead healthy lifestyles. The program educates children and families about proper dental hygiene, nutrition, and the importance of seeing a dental provider regularly
  • Adolescent Family Life Program (AFLP) – provides comprehensive case management services to pregnant and parenting teens and their children
  • California Personal Responsibility Education Program (CAPREP) – provides free classes to inform and prevent unintended pregnancies, reduce high rates of sexually transmitted infections, and improve individuals’ sexual health and well being
  • Tobacco Education Program – offers presentations and resources to the community about the risk of tobacco-related diseases as well as smoke-free policies
  • School-Based Sealant Program – provides preventive oral health services, such as oral health education, dental sealants, and fluoride varnishes for elementary school-age children
  • Home Visitation Program (HVS) – serves Medi-Cal-eligible families in Fresno County with children aged 0 to 5. We offer comprehensive family services, developmental assessments for children, and community-based referrals to resources that address the child’s and family’s overall needs. Our goal is to improve children’s development as well as the family’s overall well-being.

Call (559) 715-8481 for additional information.

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