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This year has brought in new funding for the Central Valley Against Human Trafficking. With that, we have expanded from a full time staff of two to a staff of five in the last few months and moved to a new office in order to accommodate for this expansion.

Come see our new office space at 1900 Mariposa Mall, Suite 100-D. We are in the same office building but have moved downstairs.

We have just finished setting up our new space, complete with a front desk area, relaxation room for clients, new offices and a training room.

In the last few months we have also hired on 3 full time staff, a Program Assistant, Outreach Coordinator and new Case Manager, in addition to 2 on-call Trauma Response staff and 2 interns.

We’re excited to provide more outreach to the community, collaboration with partners and services for victims. It’s a new season for Central Valley Against Human Trafficking, full of excitement and potential.

For more information about our program growth and services contact our office at (559) 263-1379 or email


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