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In today’s society, there are unfortunately several factors that inhibit or discourage a mother from successfully breastfeeding her child such as difficulty of learning how to breastfeed, lack of time, using formula milk and the physical pain however the leading contributor to the extremely low exclusivity of breastfeeding rates is the lack of support mothers receive from their families and community.

In effort to curtail this occurrence, Fresno EOC WIC offers various modes of assistance to prenatal and nursing mothers. For example, one of the most successful methods for mothers breastfeeding support groups that are available through our WIC program. This group gives mothers the opportunity to congregate, share experiences, ask questions, make friendships and receive encouragement from fellow mothers. Our support groups have proven to be successful in helping mothers persevere when they become frustrated and regain their “I Can Do This” attitude. In addition, the support groups have reaffirmed mothers’ decisions to breastfeed after they were once unsure. Success comes with practice and support from family and the community. For more information about our breastfeeding support groups, please contact Fresno EOC WIC at 559-263-1150.

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