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On June 10th, 2021, the Fresno EOC Foster Grandparent program, in coordination with Fresno EOC Food Services, conducted a food distribution specifically for our Foster Grandparent volunteers, held at the Fresno EOC Local Conservation Corps campus. The well-deserving volunteers at this drive-through event received a variety of healthy food that covered all food groups. Thanks to donations provided from Amazon and Fresno EOC’s LIHEAP program, volunteers also received “goodie bags” of hygiene and household products.

“Thank you for all the wonderful food, thank you FGP for all your hard work, this helps out so much.”
-FGP Volunteer Dean Woods

“This food helps out my family a lot, we have been able to enjoy it slowly. It is good to have healthy food like this, especially right now.”
-FGP Volunteer Beto Meso

The Foster Grandparent Program senior volunteers provide one-to-one mentoring and emotional support to underserved infants, children, and teens throughout Fresno and Madera Counties, promoting literacy and academic success as well as fostering social-emotional and cognitive-behavioral development.

Foster Grandparent Program volunteers – referred to affectionately as Grandma or Grandpa – are matched with a young person that will most benefit from heartfelt attention or from guidance by way of an elder’s precious pearl of life wisdom.

Visit the Foster Grandparent Program page for more information.


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