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Grandma Fern Cetin was recently honored by Sierra Unified School District Board of Trustees for her work as a volunteer. As a Foster Grandparent, Fern has been volunteering in the school district for 18 years and enjoys working with students in the classroom.

“It’s very nice, and I’m really surprised they decided to honor me,” Cetin said. “They think I am doing them a favor, but they are doing me a favor by allowing me to volunteer.”

In December, Grandma Fern will be 83 years old and continues to enjoy every moment of volunteering. She was introduced to Foster Grandparents after taking a 6-week literacy training program to further her knowledge in classroom instruction. The program gave her something to do while making a difference in the lives of students.

“I didn’t know what I was going to do when I got here, but I didn’t just want to sit at home,” Cetin said. “Now, I can teach students about reading and math. I love that I can help a child that needs the extra help because that’s what Foster Grandparents do.”

Grandma Fern also enjoys doing service projects with her church. Every year she looks forward to sponsoring a family during the holidays and giving back to the homeless.

“It makes my heart feel good when I know I’m giving to someone who needs it,” Cetin said. “I would rather give to those in need than receive anything myself. Every year we give people soap, towels, and scarves to keep them warm during the winter; it all just keeps me going.”

Grandma Fern truly embodies the hope for every Foster Grandparent. The program provides seniors with a rewarding opportunity while pairing them with youth to promote literacy and academic success.

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