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On May 30, 2024, Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission (Fresno EOC) hosted a round table and press conference with community leaders, safety advocates and California Attorney General Rob Bonta on gun violence prevention.

Fresno EOC, highlighted the agency’s commitment to safety through programs like Advance Peace Fresno. This program, dedicated to reducing gun violence, offers mentorship and counseling to those affected by gun violence.

Fresno EOC CEO Emilia Reyes spoke passionately about how her experience losing a loved one to gun violence has turned her into an advocate for reducing gun violence. “Together we have transformed our trauma to save lives, to save families and communities from a lifelong journey of trauma,” she said. “We’ve chosen to love, show compassion, and create a more beautiful, strong community for our next generation.”

Advance Peace Fresno, which received a $2 million federal grant in 2023, has expanded its efforts with more neighborhood change agents, extending its impact across Fresno. The program’s director, Aaron Foster, who has personally lost family to gun violence, emphasized the importance of community relationships and training. “We go to work to make sure people don’t lose children. We had to be trained to understand how to listen, how to speak, and what to say. With those trainings, and our relationships in the community, we have been able to make significant strides in helping reduce gun violence,” Foster shared.

Attorney General Rob Bonta, who is holding round table discussions across California, highlighted the importance of local efforts in preventing gun violence and his continued support. “We won’t stop until enough is finally enough, we will continue to push until American disease of gun violence has been eradicated, and I know my fellow leaders here feel the same way.”

The event took place at Franklin Head Start with a roundtable discussion that included Advance Peace Fresno and other advocates from the San Joaquin Valley.


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