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As many of you know, our Sanctuary Youth Shelter operated for 30 years in Fresno, offering emergency shelter and supportive services to runaway and homeless youth. As requirements have shifted and additional family shelters opened, we noticed a decrease in need for specific services in the community. Due to a lack of clients that met the Basic Center Program requirements and being good stewards of public funds, we could not continue accepting funds with an empty shelter. As a result, we are continuously adjusting to community needs and are shifting to serve young adults at this shelter.


Here are additional updates on services we continue to provide.


Youth under 24 years of age, will still have a Safe Place to drop-in. Now, the location to receive immediate access for assessment of services is at 1046 T Street and serves all youth. Here, we work directly with Fresno County Department of Social Services for any unaccompanied minors that are unable to safely reunite with family. We continue to operate the emergency shelter and bridge housing for those ages 18 to 24.


What’s happening with our former youth shelter? The N Street location recently received funding from the City of Fresno to expand bridge housing services for homeless young adults ages 18 to 24. Staff recruitment efforts are underway while we are preparing the shelter for accepting young adults. Additionally, Fresno EOC is partnering with Fresno City College Project HOPE to serve students experiencing homelessness in Project HOPE with temporary shelter while they work with case managers to access housing services.

We are hopeful this transition will serve more youth and touch more lives.


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