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Reimagining The Future: Advancing Equity and Sustaining Innovation, that was the theme at the 2023 National Community Action Partnership Convention.

A dedicated group of Fresno EOC leaders attended the convention in Atlanta, Georgia where they were provided a platform for thought leaders and change-makers to share insights and strategies for advancing social equity and sustaining innovation in community action programs.

One of the highlights of the convention was the special recognition awarded to Fresno EOC’s very own Gilda Arreguin, Director of Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). Gilda received the prestigious Certified Community Professional award, a testament to her dedication and expertise in community development and service.

Chief Operating Officer Michelle Tutujian led a panel discussion alongside Chief Information Officer Greg Streets, Navigation Center Manager Mai Chang, and LIHEAP Director Gilda Arreguin, shedding light on vital steps needed to implement a central intake system and how to customize the central intake process to improve community service delivery and measure outcomes

Director of Equity and Impact, Kevin Williams, delivered an outstanding presentation that resonated with attendees. He offered valuable insights into the practical application of diversity, equity, and inclusion principles. His presentation was a roadmap for turning these crucial concepts into actionable strategies, reinforcing the commitment of Fresno EOC to fostering a more inclusive and equitable community.

The 2023 National Community Action Partnership Convention was a testament to the passion and expertise of Fresno EOC’s leadership. As they continue to champion equity and innovation, their contributions serve as a beacon of hope and progress for communities. The convention provided an opportunity for Fresno EOC to not only learn from others but also share their own insights, further solidifying their role as leaders in community development.


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