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This year the College of Social Sciences and Kappa Sigma partnered to raise over 800 socks during their Socks for a COSS donation drive to benefit Fresno EOC Sanctuary Youth Shelter.

Students started the sock drive last year after approaching Sanctuary Youth Shelter with an idea for a service project. Staff mentioned socks as an item the shelter needs all year; with jackets and blankets being the focus of many donation drives, socks are often forgotten as a small item that can help keep someone warm. With its growing success, students have now made it a tradition to donate socks during the winter months.

“We looked up organizations and Fresno EOC seemed like the perfect place,” said Maria Zamora, Fresno State student. “Socks are one of the most needed items because they rip and tear. It’s extremely cold on their feet so we thought that would be the best item.”

Zamora received the Fresno State Volunteer of the Year award for the 2018-2019 school year. She organized the first sock drive and led multiple service projects during her time at Fresno State.

In its first year, students surpassed their goal of 200 and collected 300 pairs to donate back to the shelter. This year students wanted to collect even more socks by spreading the word on campus with class presentations, videos on social media and raffle prizes.

“We want our students to get an experience that’s beyond the classroom because our motto at the College of Social Sciences is the world is our classroom,” said Joseph Escoto, Academic Counselor. “Our service project of collecting socks goes with the motto of the college. It’s an awesome way we like to give back during year.”

Next year Fresno State College of Social Sciences has a goal to reach over 1,000 pairs of socks to benefit Fresno EOC Sanctuary Youth Shelter. Thanks to these students Fresno EOC can give more socks to those in need throughout the year. This would not be possible without the hard work and generosity of students organizing Socks for a COSS.

Sanctuary and Support Services accepts donations throughout the year for hygiene items, clothing, recreational activities and more. These donations go to homeless or otherwise displaced youth and young adults. Interested in giving back? Check out Sanctuary and Support Services’ Amazon Wish List or donate now.

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