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In November, the LGBTQ+ Resource Center hosted a special event dedicated to honoring the community and paying tribute to their ancestors. The “Honoring Our Ancestors Mindfulness Workshop” brought people together to share stories and create a unique Tree of Life tapestry to honor their deceased family members.

Participants were asked to bring a picture or item representing their loved ones, and through the collective creation of the tapestry, they paid their respects to those who came before us.

The culmination of this heartfelt project was the “Honor Our Ancestors Art Hop Celebration” on November 2nd. The celebration featured a diverse array of exhibits, each dedicated to a different culture. Attendees had the opportunity to explore exhibits representing Cambodian, Mexican, Irish, and LGBTQ rights activist traditions, each exhibit a unique and captivating expression of its respective culture.

Below are photos of the displays.


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