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Elsa Sanchez is a WIC Nutrition Assistant at our Clovis office. Elsa exemplifies humility, kindness, and consistent dedication through the work she does. She is a humble, hard-working employee who is respected with the up-most high regard by her co-workers, supervisor, and participants.

Elsa values participants and coworkers by always showing respect and dignity. She unfailingly cultivates a positive, empathetic work environment. Elsa is reliable, always willing to step in to help out in any way and fosters trust and respect at our site.

On a number of occasions, Elsa has calmly stepped into a difficult situation and was able to effectively problem solve, all the while keeping a composed presence. She is adaptable, always flexible, and is one of the top performers at the Clovis WIC site—without ever seeking acknowledgment or recognition. Elsa is a true example of what integrity means.

Elsa Sanchez is an exemplary employee whose hard work, kindness, humility, and dedication makes a positive difference for everyone who comes in contact with our program. She embodies our WIC vision, mission, and our core values. Congratulations Elsa!!!


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