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A WIC Nutrition Assistant at Fresno EOC WIC, Esther Ostos is known for her friendly attitude, helpful nature, and exceptional customer service. Esther is friendly with all participants and staff. Her positive attitude and friendliness make everyone feel welcome in our clinic.

Her friendliness can only be matched by her great customer service skills. She greets clients with a smile and maintains a calm, pleasant conversation with them.

She truly cares about our clients—she shows patience and kindness to them. Esther never appears “ruffled”, no matter what the situation. When clients are eligible for their own pump, she goes out of her way to gift wrap it for them.

An integral part of the team, she adds a lot of fun and creativity to our West site. Esther often initiates a potluck and brings goodies “just because.” In embellishing our jungle theme, she has gone above and beyond in decorating her office cubicle. Esther also volunteers to do extra duties.

Esther Ostos is an exemplary employee whose presence and service brightens our office and makes a positive difference in all she comes in contact with. She embodies our WIC vision, mission, and our core values. Congratulations Esther!!!


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