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We have lived a year of devastation as social unrest, random acts of violence, and bigotry have taken their toll on the hearts of many in our community. I, like many of you, have followed the Chauvin trial, hoping to see justice. Today is the day where we have a win in the massive fight for social justice.

As a Community Action Agency, racial equity and social justice are at the forefront of our work. Right now, we are celebrating this verdict as a win for people everywhere. However, the battle is far from over. We need to elevate this moment to push for real change, systemic change, and the push for reforming police policies of this nation and holding people accountable for their actions in the pursuit of justice for everyone who has felt grief and pain at the hands of police brutality.

George Floyd’s life mattered, as do all of the lives taken and affected by police brutality.

As Fresno EOC was born from the Civil Rights Movement, we will continue to fight alongside you, our partners, and the community. We will continue to advocate for change, show up when instances of systemic racism and police brutality within the criminal justice system, speak up for racial equity and be an active partner in this fight with all of you. You matter, and your children matter.

– Fresno EOC CEO Emilia Reyes


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