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Antonio Aguilar, Organizational Culture Manager

Fresno EOC is one of the largest non-profit agencies in the Central Valley, with more than 35 programs and 1,000 employees on a mission to fight poverty. The agency shares news about its programs and leadership through multiple outlets, including this newsletter and the Poverty Fighter Podcast.
The podcast is produced and hosted by the Director of Equity and Impact, Kevin Williams, and Organizational Culture Manager, Antonio Aguilar. They speak with Fresno EOC leaders, team members, and community partners to gain a deep understanding of what being a poverty fighter is all about.

Kevin Williams, Director of Equity and Impact

Antonio says this project was launched during the pandemic when he was looking for different ways to reach people. It was then that he combined his love of media and serving the community. “We have so many amazing people at Fresno EOC doing amazing work, and everyone shares the same passion for fighting to end poverty. The podcast is a great way to tap into our employees’ vast amount of expertise and knowledge and share it with all of our listeners.”
The podcast, which launched on October 29, 2020, has launched nine episodes, so far. In the most recent episode, they discussed the COVID pandemic through an equity lens to understand people’s fears around vaccines and inequities in medical access.
The next episode will highlight the Fresno EOC LGBTQ+ Resource Center and the trainings the center offers to the community. The release date will be April 29. You can listen to the podcasts on your favorite podcast platform. Check them out on Spotify, iTunes, or CastBox. Or click here to listen on our website. 







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