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Fresno EOC is a Community Action Agency (CAA) and was born from the Civil Rights Movement.

As a Community Action Agency, Fresno EOC stands in solidarity with the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAIP) community and we condemn and denounce all expressions of hate, violence, xenophobia, and racism.

As we know, the COVID-19 pandemic spurred the largest health crisis in our lifetimes, as well as an unprecedented rise of misinformation and bias that erupted with the most pronounced expressions of racism and violence in recent history. This continues to trouble us given the recent escalation in anti-Asian racism and the trend of violence against Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAIP) persons.

We are heartbroken for the families in Atlanta, Georgia and condemn the acts of violence that took eight lives, including six Asian-American women. We mourn the tragic loss of life with those families and communities. We also disprove of how law enforcement is choosing to frame these terrorist attacks as a “bad day.” This attack was felt by everyone, and more by victims and their loved ones, and they are in need of our support.

As a Community Action Agency, racial equity and social justice are at the forefront of our work and right now, we join together with AAPI people everywhere. To our Asian and Pacific Islander family –  we see you, we hear you, we are with you. We are grateful for the incredible work of organizations like the National Asian American Pacific Women’s Forum, Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Atlanta, Stop AAPI Hate Campaign, and countless other organizations who come together and support everyone impacted by white supremacy, racism, misogyny and racialized violence.


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