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Hello my name is Maria Pineda and I’m currently a Program Assistant II for the Fresno EOC Local Conservation Corps Recycling Division. Before, becoming a staff member for Fresno EOC I was a Corpsmembers for the Local Conservation Corps. I started my journey on January 2009 in the YouthBuild Program there I was working on obtaining my GED which I completed in 6 months. After that I was offered to work the front desk of our office, I took the offer since I knew it would be a great experience and some good training that could help me in the future. Well that training helped me a whole lot because on April 2011 I was promoted to a Staff Position and I was officially the receptionist for the office. So, now 3 years later I applied for a Program Assistant II Position with our Recycling Program I was ready to make the next step and learn new things so as of November 3, 2014 I am the new Program Assistant II for Recycling and I’m going to continue my Journey and strive for more.


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