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A remarkable decade spent as an educator is truly noteworthy, but when that commitment extends to an astounding five decades, it becomes an unparalleled milestone. Ramona Sauceda, a leader in the field of education, is currently the Site Director at Sanger Head Start. However, her path to this role has been a remarkable journey of dedication and growth.

As September approaches, Sauceda will reach an inspiring achievement – celebrating an astounding half-century as a devoted member of the Head Start 0 to 5 staff. Her journey with Head Start has come full circle, which began with her own experience as a parent taking her child to the Head Start program in Sanger. It was during this time that she become a volunteer, subsequently progressing to the role of a teacher’s assistant, and eventually spanning over two decades as a dedicated educator before ascending to Site Director.

Passionately reflecting on her journey, Sauceda says, “I love my job, and the staff is truly amazing. Many of these incredible ladies have been by my side for about 20 to 25 years.” Her journey has been marked by countless memories, but none quite match the heartwarming transformation she witnesses in the children from their very first day to their last at the program.

“The ages 0 to 5 are so important,” Sauceda says. “We encounter children who might not yet understand sharing or have acquired unfavorable habits, and we guide them. By the time they enter kindergarten, they are not only prepared but flourishing.” Ramona’s dedication to these young minds echoes her belief in its lasting impact.

Ramona, alongside her husband Rudy, has rooted their family and lives within the vibrant town of Sanger. Her deep-rooted connection to the community she serves means a lot to her. “The Sanger community holds a huge place in my heart. I am familiar with most of the residents, and the parents who rely on Head Start are our cornerstone.”

Throughout her five-decade journey at Head Start, Ramona’s family and husband have been more than supportive, understanding the love she holds for nurturing young minds. As she contemplates her legacy, Ramona has one wish – to witness construction of a new building for Sanger Head Start before her well-deserved retirement.

Ramona’s advice to new incoming staff is simple, “You have to be universal at Head Start, we all work hard as a team and at my site if we didn’t work as a team we wouldn’t be able to get anything done.”

As we applaud Ramona Sauceda’s remarkable journey of half a century, we’re reminded that the impact of an educator extends far beyond the confines of a classroom. It’s a legacy in the hearts and minds of the community she cherishes, a testament to her love for the art of teaching.


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