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Congratulations to Sarah Alarid, our Employee of the Month for August! She is a WIC Nutrition Assistant and Certified Lactation Counselor at our Clovis office.

Sarah can be best described in one word: compassionate. In all her interactions at Fresno EOC WIC, she shows concern, sympathy, and consideration in every interaction she encounters.

Whether it is helping a mom rock a baby, playfully interacting with children to help them feel important, compassionately sharing information and knowledge about nutrition or breastfeeding to help families make healthy changes, sensitively offering advice or being a listening ear, helping support her co-workers and team by stepping in to stay late, working the front desk, switching her schedule to help benefit another staff, helping decorate the office, or simply just being a supportive, kind friend; Sarah is there for others. Always.

Sarah is a pleasure to be around, makes her peers laugh and consistently shows appreciation to her peers.

Sarah is an exemplary and outstanding employee who embodies our Fresno EOC WIC vision, mission, and core values. Congratulations Sarah!!!


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