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In rural areas like Mendota, accessing transportation to urban centers like Fresno can pose significant challenges for residents seeking employment and community resources. Recognizing this need, Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission ( Fresno EOC) took proactive steps to bring essential resources directly to Mendota through a Resource and Job Fair.

Hosted at the AMOR Wellness Center in Mendota, the event provided an invaluable opportunity for local residents to explore job openings, engage with job recruiters, and discover various community resources available to them.

For many Mendota residents, the fair offered a chance to apply for jobs and connect with potential employers without having to travel long distances. Additionally, attendees had the chance to learn about other vital services and support networks within their community.

Beyond its practical benefits, the fair served as a powerful symbol of solidarity, demonstrating Fresno EOC’s commitment to supporting rural families and ensuring that they are not overlooked or forgotten.

By bringing essential resources and opportunities directly to Mendota, Fresno EOC’s initiative underscored the importance of inclusive and accessible services, reaffirming that every community member deserves the chance to thrive, regardless of their geographic location.

Thank you to all the vendors that attended:

  • Fresno EOC Head Start 0 to 5
  • Fresno EOC Local Conservation Corps
  • Fresno EOC Health Services
  • Valley Apprenticeship Connections
  • Fresno EOC WIC
  • Fresno Housing Authority
  • Fresno EOC Energy Services
  • Centro La Familia Advocacy Services-Mental Health
  • Workforce Connection
  • Primerica Life Insurance Company
  • Fresno EOC Foster Grandparents / Access to Technology
  • Primerica
  • AMOR Wellness Center
  • Office of Assemblywoman Esmerelda Soria


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