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We are proud to announce that Adriana Robles, Fresno EOC LCC Senior Corpsmember, was one of 16 young people selected, nationally, as an “emerging leader” for the Hulet Hornbeck Scholarship and will attend the 23rd American Trails International Trails Symposium in Dayton, Ohio in May.

About the Hulet Hornbeck Scholarship

The program will immerse the scholarship recipients in learning best practices and trends in the field to help pave the path to careers in natural resource management.

The program will include:

  • A mentor pairing for every scholarship recipient
  • Leadership, team building, and professional development activities
  • A field day highlighting issues and opportunities in the Dayton area
  • Full access to International Trails Symposium events and educational sessions
  • A group presentation on the International Trails Symposium experience in a dedicated concurrent session
  • Networking with Symposium participants

Involvement in the Symposium exposes young professionals to multi-generational dialogue about conservation and recreation. During past Emerging Leaders programs, established resource professionals benefitted just as much from the exchange as the field looks to foster new leadership.

Adriana RoblesAbout Adriana Robles

Though she had little outdoor experience, Adriana Robles was the first Corpsmember to sign up for Fresno EOC Local Conservation Corps’ (LCC) first summer trails program. Adriana also successfully coordinated LCC’s National Public Lands Day AmeriCorps service project. She recruited volunteers, made the necessary arrangements with staff at Pinnacles National Park, and took the lead in planning the logistics of the trip. Transitioning from her West Fresno neighborhood to living and working outdoors was something that Adriana never anticipated for her future.

Prior to joining the Corps, Adriana’s life consisted of doing drugs and drinking alcohol every day. She knew she would eventually have to leave the “street life” and make a promising future for herself.

“I decided to become a Corpsmember because I felt like I was going to be nothing in life…I wanted to prosper and become the successful woman I was born to be,” said Adriana. “Being at the Corps has shown me that you can be lost the majority of your life, but when you find something you adore and are really interest in you will find yourself and will also find new lifelong friends.”

Adriana served over a year in the corps. She gained experienced in many different programs including public lands conservation. From her home on Fresno west side neighborhood to the High Sierra, Adriana has successfully bridged the gap moving effortlessly between urban life to life in a tent at 7000ft!

Adriana once called herself a triple threat – a woman and of two cultures. Since she discovered trail work, she has never relented on her drive to make trails her career.

“I have found something!! I found a field that I can’t dream of leaving. I do not fear the future. I look forward to overcoming obstacles that will stand in my way and try to stop me,” said Adriana. “I love forestry so much that I would consider doing any job that includes Natural Resources management. Doing hard work and accomplishing a task gives me a sense of achievement.”

Adriana is a current Senior Corpsmember, she returned in December 2016 to help lead Fresno EOC Local Conservation Corps’ Public Lands work. Adriana is also attending college and she plans to obtain her masters in microbiology and pursue a career in natural resources education.


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