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See is a WIC Nutrition Assistant and Certified Lactation Counselor at our Kings Canyon office. See can be defined by her hardworking attitude and friendly personality. She is always positive and tackles problems with a little bit of humor.

She has a great relationship and cares for her participants—making sure they receive the service they deserve.

See is very knowledgeable about breastfeeding and is one of the go-to Lactation Counselors at Kings Canyon. As a seasoned Lactation Counselor, she has helped not only new Lactation Counselors but everyone including the RD Supervisor with breastfeeding support, pumps, and answers questions without any hesitation.

A team player, See works well with others and follows through with all of her tasks. She is efficient and goes above and beyond in all she does; ensuring we meet our goals by maintaining a high level of performance while still being able to provide excellent service.

See’s hard work is also felt outside of our office; she is part of the Hmong Baby Shower and the Asian Resource fair. She does a wonderful job of engaging participants.

See Lee is a well-rounded employee who inhibits teamwork, positivity, efficiency, and kindness daily. She is a fun person to work with, and she truly cares for her coworkers and participants. She embodies our WIC vision, mission, and core values. Congratulations See!!!


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