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Waffles + Mochi want to share meal kits and some of their favorite recipes with families. You may be familiar with these characters who are stars of their own Netflix show, featuring former First Lady Michelle Obama. They typically take viewers on food adventures around the world, but these days, they want to Pass the Love on to you at home. Meal kits are being distributed to families in cities across the Central Valley and the entire U.S., as part of the Pass the Love with Waffles + Mochi campaign by Partnership for a Healthier America.

This campaign connects families with meal kits that include shelf-stable ingredients, fresh produce, and a number of nutritious recipes, including Char Roasted Broccoli Parmesan, Spaghetti Pomodoro, and a Thai-inspired dish called Potato Massaman Curry. Meal kits are being delivered to sites around Fresno County, including the AMOR Wellness Center in Mendota. AMOR’s Program Director, Delailah Fajardo-Rosencrans, says, “The AMOR Wellness Center was honored to have been selected as a distribution site for Partnership for a Healthier America’s Pass the Love campaign. And as you can see by their warm smiles, our Mendota kids were excited to receive their Waffles + Mochi food boxes and share the recipes at home with their families.”

Waffles + Mochi, Michelle Obama, and the Partnership for a Healthier America are working to provide 1 million meals to families in need around the country. Here in the Valley, Fresno EOC and partners are distributing 2,400 meal kits and fresh produce to 11 distribution sites around Fresno County during a 4-week period.

Delivering all that food is quite an undertaking. The meal kits were sent to the Central California Food Bank (CCFB) in Fresno, and because of the enormity of the campaign, CCFB officials asked Fresno EOC to be a partner. Fresno EOC Food ServicesTransit Systems, and Local Conservation Corps are all taking part in the efforts. Director of Food Services, Jon Escobar, said, “It is a great feeling to see programs come together to do whatever it takes to supply services to our community. There was never any question other than, ‘How can we help?'”

The meal kit distribution launched on January 18 and will wrap up on February 11. For a list of Fresno EOC distribution sites, click here. There is no need to register if you plan to go, but you should get there early, as supplies are limited.


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