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At the beginning of December, Fresno EOC coordinated its first Healthy Harvest COVID-19 testing event with the help of a local employer in the food production industry. The Healthy Harvest program is a multi-county initiative to protect essential food production workers and their families in the San Joaquin Valley.     

The event was a success; with an original goal of getting 150 tests administered, Fresno EOC Health and Dental staff provided 352 COVID-19 rapid tests and 63 flu shots to farmworkers. Using rapid tests, individuals received their results within 15 minutes. Typically, COVID-19 tests can take 5 to 7 days to get results.      

“It’s awesome that we were able to provide these tests to a population in great need,” said Health and Dental Project Coordinator, Ana Hernandez. “We also had another program present; Fresno EOC Sanctuary and Support Services was there to follow up with those that were positive to provide hotel vouchers or any other services they might need.”    

Staff also had discussions with the farmworkers present and got positive feedback on the event. Many of those tested expressed they felt safe and valued by their employer for coordinating the event with Fresno EOC.     

Fresno County is among one of the five counties to have a Healthy Harvest program. Although counties have customized their programs to fit their needs, all counties offer testing events, temporary housing for quarantine, transportation, foodcase management, and help with lost wages. Click here to learn more about Healthy Harvest.   


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