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If you visit the Three Palms Mobile Home & RV Park in Fresno, you will notice it is surrounded by freeways and construction sites. While the community is bordered by Golden State Boulevard and Highway 99, many of the residents are disabled, can no longer drive, or do not own a car. On top of that, conditions do not support public transportation services.Residents like Stephen Large have been advocating for years, for safe and reliable transportation in and out of the mobile home park. At a recent news conference, he said he is grateful for a new shuttle service operated by Fresno EOC Transit Systems. “This is a wonderful day for Three Palms Mobile Home Park. It has been about three years in the making.” Stephen says prior to the launch of the new shuttle service, some residents would “illegally cross over the (railroad) tracks and cut through a cyclone fence” to get to a nearby shopping center.

Fresno EOC Transit Systems rolled out the shuttle service on Friday, July 1, from the mobile home park as well as two other sites, including the Veterans Home of California and the Fresno County island of West Park. The service is free to residents, runs six days a week, and is possible through a partnership with the City of Fresno.

Fresno EOC Transit Systems has been working with residents in all three communities to learn about their needs. Program Director Thomas Dulin said, “We have been coming out here for months talking to residents and hearing about their challenges. For example, we learned the nearest grocery store is about a mile away, which  can be tough for someone who is a little older or disabled and walking with bags of food. We are excited to see this project come to fruition and help community members access basic services, medical services, and other amenities.”

The shuttle will connect residents to destinations such as Vallarta Supermarket at Clinton and Weber, Walmart on Shaw and Brawley, The Marketplace at El Paseo, Courthouse Park Transit Center, FoodMaxx, Fashion Fair Mall, and Manchester Transit Center.

If you would like to see the schedules for Fresno EOC Transit Systems new shuttle service, click here or call (800) 325-7433.

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Transit Systems responds to more than 5,000 calls each month and provides services including driving children to school, bus service in Madera County, transporting those with special needs, and is now in the business of wrapping buses with custom ads. To find out how your business can advertise on Fresno EOC transit vehicles, call 559-486-6587.

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