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Congratulations to Mirna Levato, our Employee of the Month for November. A WIC Nutrition Assistant and Certified Lactation Educator Counselor at our Downtown office, Mirna stands out for her outstanding customer service and infectious positive attitude. She is always friendly, respectful, and caring with everyone. Her down-to-earth, easy going personality makes her a joy to talk to and it’s very common to see anyone she talks to walk away with a smile. Her daily upbeat and enthusiastic attitude makes both participants and staff feel good to be at WIC.

A team player, Mirna actively participates in all team activities and consistently volunteers at the Farmer’s Market and other Fresno EOC WIC events. She constantly volunteers for tasks and projects and looks for ways in which she can help her team. Her commitment and contribution to team building and uplifting the team’s spirit is noticed and greatly appreciated.

A meticulous worker, she is always thorough in her counseling and breastfeeding support sessions. Mirna shows great initiative always willing to learn and seeking out new information.

Mirna is an exemplary employee and we appreciate her initiative, work ethic, kindness, and delightful attitude. She embodies our WIC vision, mission, and our core values. Congratulations Mirna!!!


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