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Residents of Kerman, California, who are also students at Fresno City College, now have a convenient transportation option to commute to campus, thanks to a collaborative effort between Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission (Fresno EOC), Fresno City College, the Mayor of Kerman, and Local Transportation Funds to help subsidize the cost of transportation.

The recently launched shuttle service under Fresno EOC Transit Systems. is a welcome solution for students residing in Kerman, providing them with a hassle-free means to attend classes without the burden of arranging transportation.

Capable of seating just over 20 students, the shuttle follows a simple schedule: a morning pick-up in Kerman, transporting students directly to Fresno City College, and an evening return trip from the college to a designated drop-off point in Kerman.

Initially priced at $35 per month, the shuttle service is currently being offered free of charge, making it even more accessible to students facing financial constraints. Thomas Dulin, Director of Transit Systems, emphasized the importance of this initiative in supporting students’ educational pursuits, saying, “This showcases another one of our capabilities to provide transportation to help those who do not have transportation and want to further their education.”

Dulin says that the organizations involved are committed to supporting students in their education journey. “We’re here to help,” he said, showing their dedication to assisting students in achieving their goals.

This is a pilot program, therefore as long as there is demand and continued usage, the service will remain ongoing.

In an area where it can be hard to get to college because of transportation issues, initiatives like the Kerman-Fresno City College shuttle show how working together can make a big difference. By making it easier for students to get to class, this shuttle helps level the playing field and gives everyone a fair shot at success in school.



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