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Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission (Fresno EOC) has successfully concluded its 2024 Community Needs Assessment, receiving over 3,500 surveys this year. The invaluable feedback received during this assessment period will play a crucial role in shaping the agency’s initiatives to better serve the community.

The primary objective of the 2024 Needs Assessment was to identify the existing strengths, needs, and innovative ideas for future services within the community. Building upon the insights gathered from previous assessments, which highlighted critical areas such as addressing food insecurity in areas and enhancing children’s play equipment at Head Start sites.

Community input serves as the cornerstone for Fresno EOC’s efforts in developing and enhancing programs and resources that help individuals and families. By actively involving community members in the community needs process, the agency can tailor its initiatives to meet the challenges faced by residents.

Fresno EOC organized four community forums across Fresno County, including Fresno, Pinedale, Mendota, and Huron. These forums provided residents with a platform to address local issues affecting the health, safety, and overall quality of life within their neighborhoods.

As the curtains close on the 2024 Community Needs Assessment, Fresno EOC looks forward to analyzing the gathered insights and translating them into actionable initiatives that positively impact the lives of residents. Through continued collaboration and partnership with the community, Fresno EOC remains committed to helping people, changing lives.



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