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Dozens of young people marked a major life milestone. They graduated from Fresno EOC School of Unlimited Learning, also known as SOUL Charter High School. 44 seniors marched across the stage at the campus theater on June 7, 8, and 9. Due to the lingering COVID-19 pandemic, each graduate received their diploma at an appointed time with up to six family and friends in attendance at the campus on Calaveras Street in downtown Fresno.
SOUL was initially designed for students facing challenges which could prevent them from graduating, but is now open to everyone. The charter school offers a hybrid independent study program, which has students meet with their teachers in-person once a week to pick up and go over assignments. Students also have the option to enroll in small group classes focusing on career exploration, intervention courses, and personal enrichment.

SOUL employs a team of support staff professionals who are trained to identify and address social issues that can often prevent students from realizing their full academic potential. For students who are pregnant or already have a child, SOUL offers parenting support programs as well as a Head Start 0 to 5 location on site.

We will miss you, Sam!

SOUL is also saying goodbye to a longtime employee and friend. Sam Hairston, who has been with the charter school since January 2001, is retiring. He began his journey as the Lead Facilitator at SOUL, and is now an Assessment & Career Guidance Coordinator, assisting seniors with job placement and continuing education. Sam has touched so many lives over the years, helping students make major life decisions as they prepare for life after high school. School administrators say they appreciate all his contributions to Fresno EOC, SOUL students, and the community. Sam will retire at the end of June.

About Fresno EOC School of Unlimited Learning (SOUL)

In addition to a rigorous academic, standards-based curriculum, Fresno EOC School of Unlimited Learning (SOUL) offers support programs for students who are parents, as well as a Head Start 0 to 5 location on site. The campus also has a pantry full of necessities where students can shop free of charge. There are leadership opportunities, as well. For example, the school has an Interact Club, Rotary International’s service club for young people ages 12 to 18. SOUL was first chartered in 1998 through Fresno Unified. It is operated by Fresno EOC and accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. As a free California public charter school, SOUL does not charge tuition.

If you feel a student could benefit from the educational programs of SOUL, please call (559) 500-1352 for more information or visit their website. Registration is open at any time during the school year.  Students needing a 5th year of high school to earn their diploma are welcome!

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