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Transit Systems continues to meet the needs of local organizations and agencies in need of reliable bus transportation. With Transit vehicles, The Arc of Fresno and Madera Counties can drop-off and pick-up materials for clients with developmental disabilities.  

“Considering we were transporting clients to their programs before the pandemic, it’s nice that we can drive staff to their client’s home and watch them say hi through the window,” said Tamara Derleth, Transit Driver. “By bringing materials to the client, it keeps them busy and keeps the relationship with the Life Skill Coach.”  

Before the pandemic, The Arc of Fresno and Madera Counties used Transit vehicles to transport their clients to and from their programs. However, with these routes staff are able to engage with clients using contact-free methods. 

“Two days a week, I’m able to drop off materials and activities for our clients to do from home,” said Yolanda Diaz, The Arc of Fresno and Madera Counties. “It’s worked out because I’m able to leave items at the door, and our clients can keep themselves busy during the week.   

Partnerships like these allow organizations like The Arc of Fresno and Madera Counties to continue to keep normalcy for the individuals they serve.  

“Our employees are excited to find ways to help our customers during these difficult times,” said Monty Cox, Transit Systems Director. “We appreciate our partners like The Arc who are helping us find those creative opportunities.” 

Transit Systems provides transportation services throughout Fresno and Madera Counties. Some of the benefits include bus transportation for the elderly and disabled, school bus transportation, and field trip services. The program welcomes new transportation service inquiries. 

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