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Daisy Hernandez didn’t have the best experience at a traditional high school. When her best friend died, Hernandez felt she could no longer attend classes and wanted to drop out, until she was introduced to Fresno EOC Local Conservation Corps’ (LCC) onsite charter school, YouthBuild Charter High School of California (YCHSC).

“I didn’t want to go any more, I couldn’t go because there were too many memories,” Hernandez said. “I wanted to drop out but one of the counselors said no and recommended me to Fresno EOC.”

After transferring to YouthBuild Charter, Hernandez says she’s received more out of the program than just an education. Life skills, supportive staff and a newfound work ethic is how she describes her experience, while working towards a high school diploma.

“I was nervous, afraid and I was thinking it was going to be a lot like other high schools,” Hernandez said. “I got there and met a bunch of people who have been through similar struggles. It doesn’t feel like a workplace or school, they make it feel like a community.”

For Hernandez, the staff at YouthBuild Charter are more than teachers; they have become mentors for her and built a support system within the charter school. Her and other students feel confident they can face every situation head on, with the help of staff willing to offer guidance and support.

“The teachers here don’t just try to be your teacher, they try to be your friend,” Hernandez said. “The program has taught me how to be responsible, be on time, say things the proper way and personal skills.”

With a new outlook on her education, Hernandez is now able to finish high school and make plans for her future. She looks forward to spending one more year working at LCC then plans to begin taking college classes.

“I would say this is the best plan for anyone near my position, trying to graduate high school, trying to get a job or just trying to do something with their life,” Hernandez said.

Local Conservation Corps is seeking additional young adults ready to join the next Cohort for YouthBuild Fresno. If you or someone you know is interested, please call (559) 264-1048.


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